Your Service Representative has a basic responsibility to answer your questions and resolve your problems. If you’re not satisfied, feel free to ask for a Supervisor. If your problem can’t be solved by the Supervisor, ask for the Manager or higher levels of management.

If you are still not satisfied, you have the right to file a formal or informal complaint with the Georgia Public Service Commission (GPSC) which regulates Highline. The commission’s office is at:

244 Washington Street, SW
Atlanta, GA 30334

How to Get Credit for Loss of Service

If you have reported that you are unable to make or receive calls and your phone is out of service in excess of 72 hours, you are entitled to a credit on your next bill for the local service charges. Call your Service Representative.

Customer Provided Equipment

Under the Federal Communications Commission’s (F.C.C.) Registration Program, you may supply your own telephone equipment and connect it directly to the nationwide network. Before connecting your own telephone equipment, you are responsible for:

  • Ordering a telephone outlet from Highline if necessary.
  • When a customer asks the telephone company to make a repair visit, there will be no charge if the service problem is traced to phone-company pro- vided facilities. However, there will be a charge of the service call if customer provided equipment is causing the problem. In addition, it will be the customer’s responsibility and expense to have his equipment repaired.

The telephone company is not liable or responsible for any damages to customer provided equipment.