Calling Features

To order any of our calling features, please call one of our customer service representatives and they will be happy to activate your selected features.

Calling Features Description Monthly Price
Automatic Call Return *69 This feature allows you to automatically return the last incoming call, whether you answered or missed the call. Just pick up the receiver, listen for the tone, and dial *69. $4.25
Automatic Callback *66 Outgoing call management feature which allows the subscriber who reaches a busy signal to dial an activation code *66 and subscribers phone will automatically redial the last number dialed. If the line is busy it will automatically attempt to place the call every minute for half an hour. When the line becomes free you will hear a special ring (short-short-long). Customer then picks up the receiver and the number you were calling will ring. If you don’t pick up the special ring will be repeated every 5 minutes for the remainder of the half-hour provided the line remains free. $3.50
Auto Dial 8 Auto Dial Calling provides one-digit codes for up to 8 of the telephone numbers you call most. You can dial bother local and long distance calls with Auto Dial Calling. $2.00
Auto Dial 30 When you hear the dial tone, dial the Auto Dial Code (2 through 9) assigned to the number you’re calling. If your telephone is Touch-Tone and equipped with the pound (#) symbol key, press the code number and then the # key. $3.50
Call Forwarding Automatically forwards all your incoming calls to another number (temporarily). You may still use your telephone for outgoing calls. $2.00
Call Waiting If someone dials your number while you are using your telephone, a short tone will notify you of the call. The calling party will receive a normal ringing tone and cannot hear your conversation. If you desire, you can put the original party on hold by depressing the hookswitch for one second, and answer the incoming call. You may alternate between each call as often as necessary, but may not talk to both parties at the same time. Click icon for details on disabling Call Waiting. $3.00
Caller ID Allows customers to receive the calling party’s name and number, in addition to the date and time of the call. This feature is offered on a flat rate subscription basis to both residential and Business Group customers. $7.25
Caller ID on Call Waiting Similar to Call Waiting, this option also identifies the callers number on your caller ID/call waiting, allowing you to find out who is calling without interrupting the first phone call. $6.00
Distinctive Ringing Call Waiting Indication *61 This allows the customer to dial *61 and program his/her line to ring with a distinctive ringing pattern for a select list of six (6) calling numbers and with a normal ringing pattern for all other calling numbers. If a customer also has Call Waiting, a distinctive call waiting tone is generated when the line called by one of the select list of six (6) numbers. This feature allows you to designate specific incoming numbers to ring with a distinctive ring. A great service for identifying incoming calls from specific parties, such as children, relatives, or businesses. $3.25
Selective Call Acceptance *64 This feature allows the customer to specify a list of numbers from which they are willing to accept calls. The customer may program a list of numbers from which calls will be accepted and numbers not on the list will be routed to a recording. Just dial *64 and follow the prompts. $3.25
Selective Call Forward *63 This permits the customer to create a list of calling numbers that are to be call forwarded. The customer dials *63 and specifies the callers which are to receive special treatment by including their telephone number on a screening list. If a call comes in from a number on this list, the call is forwarded to the designated forward-to number by dialing *72 which activates call forwarding and keying in the forwarded to number. All other calls are terminated normally. $3.25
Selective Call Rejection *60 This feature allows the customer to dial *60 and create a list of specific numbers from which they do not wish to receive calls. This feature can also be used to block calls from a number after an undesirable call has been received (even without knowing the calling number). All calls on the screening list are intercepted and rerouted to a rejection announcement. $3.75
Three-Way Calling Add another person to an existing conversation by quickly pressing and releasing the switchook or flash for one second and dialing the additional persons number when you receive a dial tone. The three-way connection is completed after another switchook tap. When one person hangs up, the other two may continue with their conversation. $3.00
Voicemail 24-hour universally accessible voice messaging service. It will answer your telephone calls and allow callers to leave messages when you are unable to take calls. $4.95