The end is in sight for the McKee fiber buildout, with mainline construction wrapping up at the beginning of the new year. Customers are expected to gain access to their new high speeds in January 2020.

Currently, the neighborhoods northeast of Columbus do not have any access to highspeed internet. This limits both residents and businesses considerably. With this new build, WavCom will be able to offer speeds ranging from 25Mbps to 200Mbps to its Fiber-to-the-Home customers.

“I am excited to bring high speed fiber internet connections to an area that would otherwise have extremely limited access to bandwidth,” said Dillon Watson, the Lead Network Technician for WavCom.

So why is bandwidth important when it comes to developing areas?

Broadband internet service is essential for development, providing small businesses and local economies the ability to communicate, collaborate, and compete in the ever-growing online marketplace.  The bandwidth available through fiber allows residents and businesses the ability to send and receive information that was previously unavailable due to the length of time it would take to upload and download over traditional copper or DSL lines.

When it comes to residential development, more homeowners are likely to build where there is access to high speed internet service. Aside from the increased opportunities offered to families as consumers, it also represents improved education and healthcare opportunities as well as increased home values.

WavCom knows this construction project is integral to the community’s continued growth.  Once construction has finished, the fiber will be tested to ensure quality connection and speeds.  Next, those who have already signed up for a connection to FiberStream, will receive a call from our local technicians to schedule an appointment to get connected.

WavCom is still taking applications for connections, and you can call the office at (706) 582-3333, or you can apply at our website,

We look forward to continuing to serve you!


Your Neighborhood Telecommunications Provider, WavCom